About Dr. Llanos

Laura Llanos, DMD

Laura Llanos, DMD

Laura Llanos, DMD, is the owner and founder of Llanos Dental Group in Miami Lakes, Florida. 

Born in Cuba, Dr. Llanos moved to the U.S. before the age of one and grew up less than a mile away from the location of the dental office. Dr. Llanos attended Florida International University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences. She later went on to receive her dental education at Nova Southeastern University. 

For the past four years, Dr. Llanos has been providing exceptional dental care for patients throughout South Florida, where she has enjoyed creating relationships and friendships as she provides the best care possible. This has led her to open her own dental practice in her hometown community, Llanos Dental Group.

Dr. Llanos also enjoys giving back to her community. She often participates in community events in Miami Lakes and, whenever possible, goes on mission trips where she provides pro bono dental care to underserved communities, such as the Dominican Republic.

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